How does it work?

At SunDays we provide a non peroxide laser teeth whitening system that provides immediate results for clients.

There is no structural or enamel change and the experience is painless.

Additionally our teeth whitening treatment contains ingredients found in everyday toothpaste, so it not only whitens the teeth's dentin, it also cleans the teeth's surface and gum promoting good oral health all round. 

Everyone is different and tooth colour varies due to body chemistry, genetics, dental health and mineral imbalances.

Results do vary from person to person; teeth cannot be whitened more than genetically possible. 

The average shade improvement is 6 shades lighter, some clients achieve 12 shades lighter. 

Everyone gets a result.

We recommend that you avoid eating or drinking anything for 30 minutes after the LED whitening. 

The pores on your teeth are still open so you should avoid any dark coloured foods and beverages (e.g. coffee, tea and red wine) for 24 hours after the whitening. 

You should also avoid smoking for 24 hours.


What is it?

The main whitening and cleansing ingredient in our exclusive formula is sodium bicarbonate. It goes deep into the pores of the teeth – called the dentin – and oxidises the molecules that make teeth appear yellow, dark and stained. The gum shield is filled with the product and inserted into the mouth then the light is directed at the shield.

Once the laser light hits the product, the formula becomes active. This releases oxygen that creates a pressure which pushes oxygen into the core of the tooth. The oxygen and cleaning agents, combined with the high intensity laser light, turn the tooth’s inner surface from a brown/yellow colour to a white colour, without changing or damaging the structure of the tooth’s enamel.

The product also contains silicone to help the laser light travel around the entire mouth, and a catalyst activator called photo initiator is also added to ensure the oxygen is released as quickly as possible.

How does it work?