Treatment Plan:


  • There is an initial free consultation including medical checklist.

  • Each session may last up to one hour. Our fully trained therapist will target each area for 10 minutes - LipoGenie can work its magic on one particular area or more areas, as desired.

  • Half hour brisk walk or similar (an I-Fit session is ideal) is recommended within 12 hours of treatment.

  • We recommend two treatments per week for 4 weeks.
  • Single top-up treatments are then available as and when required.

Trial session - £30.00

Single sessions after trial - £40.00

Double session after trial - £60.00

Course of 4 sessions - £140.00

Course of 4 sessions and 4 iFit sessions - £150.00

Typically there is a measurable result by the end of the treatment and in trials clients on average lost over 10% of torso circumference per course of treatment. 

For lasting results which build, 30 minutes of exercise within 12 hours of treatment is recommended. 

At SunDays we have the I-Fit vibration trainer, and offer great deals on combined Laser Lipo / I-Fit sessions to maximise inch loss and toning.

Lipogenie laser Lipo is a non-invasive treatment which works by effectively 'deflating' the fat cells by prompting a biochemical response called Lipolysis - the breakdown and release of the fatty contents of the adipose cells.

The treatment's photo- biological action is non-invasive and the metabolic process prompted is naturally occurring with absolutely no cell destruction.

Treatment is completely painless, fast and effective.